Manifest Catalogue

One of my most recent projects was to create a catalog for our school art festival, Manifest. I worked with one other individual and had the opportunity to showcase some of the works of other graduating seniors in design. This was a large-scale project because it came out to a total of 68 pages and… Continue reading Manifest Catalogue

Life as a Swim Instructor

Besides being in school and focusing solely on my work, I am also a swim instructor. This job has been very rewarding because I get to interact with many different types of people.  I get to see babies having their first dip in a pool and their reactions to the feeling of water surrounding them.… Continue reading Life as a Swim Instructor

Japandi- The New Comfort Home

Japandi is an interior design style that has been gaining popularity since the pandemic. This style encompasses influences from both Japanese and Scandinavian designs, thus the name. The Japanese style consists of more organic shapes and materials, a darker earth-tone color palette, and natural light. The Scandinavian style consists of natural materials and light wood,… Continue reading Japandi- The New Comfort Home