Japandi- The New Comfort Home

Japandi interior design style

Japandi is an interior design style that has been gaining popularity since the pandemic. This style encompasses influences from both Japanese and Scandinavian designs, thus the name. The Japanese style consists of more organic shapes and materials, a darker earth-tone color palette, and natural light. The Scandinavian style consists of natural materials and light wood, a lighter-toned neutral color palette, clean lines, and natural light.

Japanese interior design style
Scandinavian design

Both highly value clean and uncluttered spaces, simplicity; good quality, natural material; and craftsmanship. 

Japandi has a focus on minimalism and a decluttered space. Natural and eco-friendly materials are another important part of Japandi, especially to keep the minimalistic approach. Bringing the outdoors to the inside is also important in creating a soothing space. Plants and greenery help liven up and bring color into your home and help make a warm atmosphere.

From here you have the choice as to how much Japanese and Scandinavian influences you want to bring into your home.

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