When photography and web design meet


When browsing the internet on multiple web pages, you get to see how websites are set up. Most of the time, there is a simple layout with a hamburger menu with its navigation bar and no real elements to show how its setup is different than the rest. I went on a search for portfolios that stand out and differ from the typical layouts seen on other web pages.

Thai Pham is a Vietnamese photographer who specializes in portrait, fashion, and wedding photography. As soon as you land on his portfolio site, you are instantly met with bright and bold colors as the hero image. (See picture below).

Although the styling of the page may seem minimalistic, the stylization of his images really helps balance out having a simple yet bold website. As you scroll down the home page you get to see some of the most popular works that he had done.

The hover effect over the image is also well done in combining simplicity and minimalism with the bold and colorful works within his portfolio.

I found that going between all of his pages, his photography is very immersive. I found myself drawn to the range in his color palette and the effects used over his images to give a blurred sense of motion. I find it so interesting how his style changes from this really artistic standpoint to very clear and bright or semi-moody wedding photography.

Overall I really love the execution of this site, and how simple yet interactive it is. It is very easy to navigate, and it’s hard to not get lost in the artist’s work.

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